Logo and Graphic Design

A website is often the first line of contact with potential customers, and therefore it creates an image of the company in the user’s mind. If a website is visually appealing the viewer is more likely to form a positive opinion about the company and be more engaged with the page. Having logos and other design elements professionally created by a graphic designer can be an integral part of a successful website.

Logo Design

Domain names do not always match the name of the company or brand associated with them, and thus, a logo on a website can help potential customers quickly decide if they have reached the correct page. If you are creating a new brand with the website, then a logo is imperative so that users will have something to remember the brand by. Without a logo, there is a chance that you will lose potential customers and even sales. It is a good idea to speak with a graphic designer if your website requires a logo. They will be able to provide you with recommendations as to which colors should be considered and the different logo sizes that can be used. Click here to view our logo samples...

Photo / Image Editing

While images may be commonplace on websites, there is usually a certain amount of editing that needs to take place before a picture is ready to be posted. Many websites require images of a certain size, and therefore, resizing is needed. A graphic designer can take images and crop them so that the image will fit correctly in the webpage. They will also be able to combine images and add effects to create a picture that will match the website theme. 

Graphic Design

There may also be a need for graphic design if you are planning to have advertisements on your website. Of course, search engines like Google and Bing offer preformatted ads that can be easily placed on any website, but using customized ads can result in higher conversion rates. Similarly, many websites use banners and call-to-action sections to entice users to click on certain links that will then direct them to a landing page. A landing page is a webpage designed specifically to get users to commit an action, such as signing up for an email subscription or making a purchase. If you are working with a graphic designer, they will be able to create a specially tailored landing page that will help separate your website from the pack.

Other Print and Marketing Materials

A graphic designer can also create your branding and marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, postcard mailers and banners. Graphics for print media have different requirements to consider and someone who has knowledge to this will make your project looking very attractive and professionally made. We have experience in creating marketing materials for companies and we would be very happy to help you with your projects.

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