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Why do you need a business logo design and why is online branding important?

It’s simple really. There are over 644 million active websites on the internet today and if you don’t have a discernible online brand, you’re bound to go unnoticed. There are several ways of branding your website. Creative copy writing will obviously play a big part in your approach. So will your use of SEO. However, long before you begin working on any of these, a vital part of your branding process should be your business logo design.

There’s a reason why companies spend millions of dollars on recreating their business logo and that’s because “perception really does matter.” From the simple logo of Apple to the multicolored logo of Google, having a strong business logo provides several valuable branding benefits.

Some of these include:

Branding connects you to Clients

Customers associate good products with their brands. Creating a strong business logo design will give your customers something that they can use in identifying your products. Consider how popular shoes with the Nike logo are or how quickly people appreciate any car with the BMW logo. Your business logo design matters.

Branding creates an Identity

A company without a brand is like a bland flavor of ice cream. It’s hard to stick out from the competition when you don’t have a discernible brand that people can identify you with.

Choosing a good business logo will personalize your business. To create an even bigger impact, pick a design that directly reflects what your company has to offer. Choose the right words, themes or symbols.

Branding makes your business name Unique

Think of the names Coca-Cola, Facebook or Microsoft. Those names were made unique because they grew to become a major part of the brand itself. The addition of a logo next to your business name can transform it from being generic to something that your customers will immediately relate to.

Branding improves your professionalism

Having a good business logo design is a great way of improving the professional image of your company. People react better to companies that have professional logos linked next to their name. However, in order for this to happen, you will need to choose a well-designed logo that they can resonate with.

A poorly designed logo can just as easily create the wrong impression as a well-designed logo. A good logo design is like a catchy song, it stays in the minds of people long after they’ve seen it. However, it is important that people link your logo to happy memories. This will not occur if your products or services are below standards.

Branding is a great way of creating an image for your company.

But it is ultimately the quality of your company’s efforts that will decide the light in which your brand is viewed. The choice is yours to make and it will depend on your budget and time as well.

My recommendation is to use a logo or graphic designer to do your business logo and branding

WHY? Because you still would want your logo to be created and have the look and feel that's uniquely yours and professionally done. Using software that have pre-built logo templates and graphics and have been use by other people does not inspire uniqueness for your business. Create your own brand. Hire a logo designer instead.

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