Our Process

1. The Discovery Phase

Our work always begin with a conversation. After all, we can’t tell you if and how we can help you without knowing more about your business and what you would like your website to do.

We’ll ask you questions that may seem a bit uncomfortable but the more we know about your business, the better we can create a unique strategy for your manufacturing business that will deliver the results and achieve the goals you are aiming for.

2. The Sitemap

With the information I have gathered during our conversation, I always start with a blueprint for success- A visual sitemap so we can quickly see the structure of our strategic plan. This way we can communicate design ideas and get everyone on the same page quickly.

3. The Prototype

I won’t bore you with all the technical jargon of building your website but rather show you an interactive prototype on your web browser. Think of this as a quick sketch or mock of the grand plan on the bar napkin with no design elements at this point, It isn’t pretty but it’s the jumping off point to the next stage.

4. The Design & Development

We fire up our forge and let the creative hammer start the build. We’ll bring your interactive prototype to life matching your digital brand identity. We follow our creative design process playbooks for website design & development, SEO, and the unique strategy we have crafted for your manufacturing business.  

5. The Delivery

This is it! Your brand new website is ready to launch. But before we press the button, we’ll take some time to check and triple check everything to make sure everything is up to snuff. We’ll do more testing and go through our extensive pre launch checklist before we deploy. 

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We believe in providing value to our clients and the websites we make are more than just a pretty face - we make sure it delivers the results you set out to achieve and align with your website goals. 

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