Promoting Your Website

Congratulations. You have a website that has an appealing layout, with optimized content for the web. What is the next step? 

Well, unless your site was designed for private viewing, your next efforts should be aimed at increasing the traffic that it receives. Search engines will steer some traffic towards your site, but you will still need a lot more help to hit those high numbers required by your business. The following are some of the ways that you can achieve this. 


Banners are the web equivalent of roadside billboards. They are instantly distinct which makes them a great way of drawing the attention of surfers. Banners come embedded with URL links. Surfers who click on these banners are then directed to your website. In recent years, some marketers have criticized the efficiency of banners, pointing to the dwindling click rate as evidence of their outlived usefulness. Still, there are several things that you can do to increase the efficiency of banner ads.

One of these is to have it professionally designed by a skilled graphic design team. Bright colors, engaging words, and refined keywords can greatly increase the efficiency of your banners. Another useful tip is to host your banners on sites that are most likely to be visited by your targeted demographic. If your website caters to teenage outfits, then hosting your banner in on teenage-themed websites will earn you more traffic.


It is easier to build a market when you have an active audience that you can reach with ease. You can achieve this by creating an ‘Opt-in Email’ option. This way, visitors to your page, who would like to be kept informed on the events and recent products in your company can receive regular updates via the email details provided. As well as generating your own opt-in list, you can buy opt-in lists from third parties. However, be sure to confirm the credibility of these services before your proceed. 


Another way of marketing the services and product of your site online is exchange links with other websites that share a similar market stream as yours. For this method to be successful, you must be careful to choose only partners that complement your business. Linking with professional associations will increase your credibility and give your ranking a boost. Linking with lowly rated websites will have the opposite effect.


Newsletters are a great way of keeping you clients and customers updated on your company. Since a subscription to this is done voluntarily, it gives you a better idea of the size of your market. It also provides you with a reliable medium that you can use in marketing the image of your company. Naturally, to get the best results out of your newsletter, you will need to ensure that you provide your readers with useful, creative, and engaging content, otherwise they may unsubscribe from this service.  

USE YOUR SIGNATURE (whenever the opportunity presents itself)

Create awareness about your website by incorporating it into your business brand. For instance, you can promote your website by including its address in the signature of every email you send. Most email tools allow you to create a signature that automatically accompanies each mail you send. Alongside the website address, your signature should include a business address and email address. You should also put up your email address, on your business card, envelopes, invoices, and mail labels—anywhere that you would ordinarily leave your phone number. 


Not every business will benefit from an affiliate program. However, if your products are recording high-profit margins, then an affiliate program may be an effective solution. Affiliate marketing will not directly promote your website. Instead, it will market your products and services, which will lead traffic indirectly to your site. 


Is your Business offering something new? Announce it with a Press Release. Press releases are a great way of launching a new product or service. They are also an effective way of drawing attention to your website. Press releases have a broader range, reaching out to millions of people across the country. Being mentioned in a national press release will increase your popularity and lift your credibility among search engines. 

How NOT to promote your Website 

There is a right and wrong way of promoting your website. Marketers refer to the right way as White hat techniques and the wrong way as Black Hat marketing methods.

Black Hat marketing - Don't do it!

Black Hat marketing methods are online tactics that are likely to harm the credibility of your site—particularly with search engines. To avoid this, be wary of the promotion techniques that you choose. For instance, marketing your website through bulk-search engine submission may sound like an attractive option because these services will submit your site to “thousands of search engines” but in reality, choosing these options will produce very little increase in traffic. 

Even worse, most of these bulk submission services are secretly ‘email miners’ that will scan and lift all the email addresses on your website and then sell these to the bulk marketing firms. And like most people will agree, there is nothing more disruptive or alienating that Spam. 

Be wary of website services promising to create hundreds of backlinks or send you thousands or unlimited traffic to your website, you're just wasting your money and these can be classified as toxic backlinks from search engines and can get your website ranking rather poorly or worse - blacklisted. 

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