Building Your Own Real Estate Website

Real Estate Professionals need to have their own real estate website. If you have been in the real estate industry for the last five years, you have probably already noticed that buyers and sellers are becoming increasingly reliant on online tools.

Yes. A high percentage of the people engaged in real estate transaction use the tools offered by the web. A buyer in search of an apartment in Massachusetts is far more likely to start his search online looking for available property or any real estate agent that can assist.

This means that to connect to these clients:

  1. You need a real estate website that provides information and services that will solve your potential clients problem of finding a house
  2. Generate its own leads and capture the leads from local organic searches

If it sounds a little too easy, get rid of that idea. It is not. There are over 10,000+ established real estate websites in the US alone. If you're serious about breaking into the online real estate crowd and establishing your services, half-hearted measures will not cut it. 

Relying on blogs or online brochures to promote your real estate services is severely hurting your business. And the sooner you put a stop to that, the quicker your business will grow.

Building a successful online real estate website

Your credentials, your profile picture, or the wit of your blog will not determine your success online. Those are attractive features to have, but they will not give you the edge that you need to push your real estate business into the healthy green. What will—and this is where it matters—is the amount of high quality leads that your website can generate. If thousands of people are visiting your real estate website every month seeking your services, then your business has officially become a success.

Lead Generation

Forge the glitz or the animated ads. Every website online is ranked by the amount of traffic it receives. It does not matter if your website is the most attractive website available online. If no one is stopping by, then it is officially dead in the water. 

Don't get us wrong. Designing an attractive website IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA.

However, ensuring that it has an effective online presence is not just an idea. It is mandatory. If your website is not optimized to generate good leads, then you might as well quit. To succeed online, you must be willing to take the steps that will guarantee solid lead generation. 

Why most sites fail at lead generation?

The bad news is that most real estate websites fail at generating leads. The good news is that you can exploit their weaknesses and quickly build a website that does matter. To understand how to build a successful lead generating websites, it is instructive to consider why other websites fail. There are several reasons why websites fail, but the three most popular reasons are:

  1. They Design Websites that People do not connect with.
  2. They Choose the Wrong Marketing Tactic.
  3. Their Websites Never Get found. 

The online world doesn't work the same way as the real world. You know the traditional "if you build it, they will come" philosophy? It does not work that way with internet marketing. Attractive themes and web customization tools are useful, but they are nowhere as important as ensuring that your website is discoverable. Unfortunately, thousands of real estate agents make the mistake of focusing more on creating the best-looking real estate website than they are on its search engine visibility & discoverability and their websites end up failing. 

Many websites also fail to consider their audience when developing their content. Instead of tailoring the tone and style of their website to their buyer's needs, they end up alienating their market. The one size fits all approach simply doesn't work on the web. Web surfers want something that they can connect with. If your site does not offer that, they will leave. 

Your Local Competition Aren't Waiting

It is a lot easier to attract customers who have not already subscribed their allegiances to another real estate company. Every week that you postpone doing something assertive about building your web presence, your competition is surging ahead and thriving. 

However, you can put a stop to that.

In fact, you can do it right now. Let's chat.

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