Why a Social Media Presence is Important

If you haven't created a social media presence for you business yet, do so as soon as possible. Why? while most of us are familiar with the popular social networking platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook and these platforms allow us to interact with friends, share pictures, and even play games. What is less known is the VALUE of social media in website marketing and advertising. Also, social media gives web businesses the ability to interact with customers on a previously unmatched level.

Sure, it can be fun socializing with friends and posting pictures on social media sites. But these sites are also powerful marketing tools. You may have noticed that many large companies have social media accounts, and there's a good reason. Through social media, these companies can interact with current customers and reach out to potential customers. It is the same on every level; if you can keep the user engaged there will be a better chance they will use your service, and social networking is perfect for keeping users interested.

A Social Media Presence Can Be Great as a Marketing tool

If a user visits your site and they enjoy the experience, they might share that experience with their followers. There is even a chance that your product could go viral! Imagine the number of new customers that could bring. But even if that does not happen, this type of marketing often results in additional traffic and followers so it is really important to get your social media presence developed. As the number of followers grows, so does your opportunity to market new products, interact with more customers and, of course, make more money. 

Social Media is Perfect for Notifications

Social media is also perfect for notifying users of any website updates or upcoming product launches. If there are customers following your website, then chances are they are waiting for more information to be released about new products or events that are taking place. You can show these followers how important they are by offering specials via social media. Being that social media accounts can be accessed separately from the website, it is also a means of communicating maintenance issues if the website is temporarily down, or if your local business is closed due to emergency, holidays, and other events.

Social Media for Advertising

Similar to Google and Bing, you can run advertisements on social media websites, like Twitter and Facebook. Advertisements on social media sites can target certain users according to their browsing habits. It is possible to target certain ad group, so that the conversion rate is higher. There is a bidding process to run advertisements on these social networking sites, but when done successfully, the results can be very positive.

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