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Why Website Content is king

Never underestimate the value of content. Compared to other features of a website, the content of a website is the most important element. Yes, an attractive website with an organized layout will win you points with your viewers. But what will decide whether people return to your website is ultimately its content. Surfers will return to a blog they like even if it has an ugly design. But they will not revisit an attractive site if the find the content boring, poorly written or unimportant. 

Of course, the quality of the content will be determined by the theme and tone of the website. There are different types of content found on the web today. Common examples include

  • Research content
  • Industry based content 
  • SEO friendly content
  • Marketing content

Regardless of what kind of content you have on your site, the most significant detail is to ensure that it is good. 

Why Good content is important

There are many reasons why good content should be valued above other page elements. But the two most important of these—from a business perspective—is the impact that it has on search engines and visitors.

Content and Search Engines: If you own a business website, then you are probably already familiar with the value of search engines. Having high SERP (search engine result page) rankings increases the amount of traffic that your site generates which is never a bad thing. It’s simple math—the more visitors stopping by your site, the higher your sales figure are likely to be. 

Good SERP rankings do not happen automatically. They are determined by your content. Contrary to what some marketers might advertise, it is not just about keyword optimization. With search engines such as Google, a site’s position is determined by the value of its content. Websites with strong, appealing content are chosen over others with weak or trivial content. If you conducted a search using the keywords ‘gourmet coffee’, the results of the search would not just display the sites with the highest keyword percentage. Instead, it would reveal sites with keyword percentage as well as informative content. By ensuring that your site offers useful information that your visitors can use, you can significantly improve your ranking for a particular keyword.

Content and Visitors: The second reason why content is important is the effect that it has on your viewership. It is estimated that over a billion people visit the web every week. However, the motivating factor behind most online forays can be broadly categorized into two. People visit the web;

  • To find the solution to a problem.
  • Or to gather information on a particular topic.

In order to meet any of these needs, your site must have a lot more than just trivial content. It will need to have complete content that your users can actually use. That is where good content comes into play.

Creating Good Content

So yes, content is unquestionably and undoubtedly important. However, doing this will require some effort. In order to make your website count, you will need to pay attention to key details such as the quality of your writing. No one likes poorly written content. Your content needs to be concise, simple, and attractive. The presentation and authenticity of your information is also important. Use friendly appealing prose and only provide information that you know is true. This will increase your standing with your visitors and draw more traffic to your site.

There are many other benefits of having great content. For instance, if your site has great content it is more likely to generate natural links. People tend to repost links to articles or sites that they like if they find it appealing. This is even more likely thanks to the marketing flexibility offered by social network. Tweets about your webpage can raise your traffic from a trickle to a flood.

So what exactly do you write about?

That is the tricky question. As important as good content might be, you will need to choose the right topics to cover. There is no point writing a 700-worded masterpiece on fingernails if no one is going to read it. The key to great content is choosing topics that people will  want to read and then creating appealing content that they will appreciate. It is okay if you are not sure how to go about this.

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