Website Design and Development

Local businesses in Marlborough, MA and all across the state choose us to handle their website design and development needs. We will take the time to address any concerns that you may have, and come up with a solution that is fully customized for your business. We will put in place a system that will allow you to reach your goals and increase your business exposure. It is our top priority to make sure that your local small business receives that attention that it deserves- More traffic, rank higher, & gain more customers!

Professional website design and development for your small business

A website is more than just a means of accessing and displaying information; it is a representation of the person or company behind it. Having a website that is both appealing and functional is crucial, as it can lead to users becoming more engaged. If your local business website is designed & developed properly, the result could be more conversions and higher traffic. Therefore, it is no surprise that professional website design and development need to be taken seriously.

Website Functionality

The functionality needs of the website will play a significant role in the website design and development. Every website is different, and the abilities of a website may need to be more specialized, resulting in design variations. For instance, a travel website might require the implementation of a system for booking flights and hotels, while a site for a small business might only consist of a few webpages.

These function requirements may use different programming languages and frameworks, around which the website development will be based. Even the look of the website will change depending on the options that are needed. A web developer should be able to help you better understand the needs of your site and make recommendations accordingly. 

Content Management System

Content management is also an important part of web development. Typically, a database is used to store information that is displayed on a website. But databases are in-depth programs and can be difficult to work with, even for seasoned developers. If you would like to edit content, add pictures, and make other minor changes, then using a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress or Joomla, might be the best option. These content management systems give both the owner and the developer easy access to the inner workings of the website and provide ways of making changes without having to navigate the database.

Mobile Friendly and responsive website design

Web technologies are constantly evolving and staying up on the newest trends is an integral part of web development. More than half of internet searches now, take place from a mobile device or tablet, so it is imperative that websites are mobile-friendly. When considering layout options for a website, always consider that the website will be viewed on an array of screen sizes. This means that the development process must account for these differing screen sizes and make sure the website is a fully responsive website design. There are frameworks, such as Bootstrap, that can be used in the development process that can aid in creating a website that will display correctly on all devices. The websites we create for your local business are all responsive and mobile friendly and will look good on all devices.

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