Website Maintenance

It may come as a surprise that websites need to be maintained. However, with internet technologies constantly changing, websites often require minor fixes to keep them functioning properly. A web maintenance service can cover anything from a simple content updates, link building to website functionality improvements. Having a web maintenance program is necessary to ensure the best user experience possible. 

Do i really need a website maintenance service?

Updates are commonplace when it comes to software and operating systems. They are necessary in order keep operations running smoothly, and a website is no different. Websites occasionally require updates, so that they continue to function properly and without updates, it is possible that certain elements would fail.

Most of the time these updates are relatively minor and can be accomplished in a short amount of time. A proper website maintenance plan will help ensure that updates are completed on time.

Just like an aging piece of equipment, websites can have parts go bad, leading to required repairs. There are times when a website might rely on the existence of another website or software for certain functions, such as icons or fonts. If these links are removed because the link to the site no longer exists, or the software fails to work, then repairs may be needed to restore functionality.

Furthermore, images on websites are commonly displayed using a link, and if that image is taken from the place where that link ends, then there is a chance that the image will no longer display correctly. Scheduled website maintenance can help resolve these issues quickly. 

Website maintenance does not always involve repair.

Sometimes aesthetic changes are needed to keep a website looking up-to-date. With changing technology comes a change in taste. What used to look contemporary, may now appear antiquated, and a website that lacks appeal can turn off users. Minor modifications in site layout can make a considerable difference, as it shows return users that you are constantly trying to improve their experience.

Adding new content, promo ads, product updates, photos and other web graphics are considered some of the maintenance you have to do on your site as well. Having a dedicated website maintenance schedule can provide you with an opportunity to adapt any format changes.

Website Maintenance for plugin updates.

If your website is built with a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, then there may be updates required to make sure that WordPress is functioning correctly. Along with updates to WordPress, the plugins that are commonly used on sites created with WordPress occasionally need updating.

WordPress and plugin updates are frequent for its functionality and security, and any website maintenance program will include these. Talk with with us to find a website maintenance program that meets your needs.

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