Website Overview

What exactly is a Website? Simply put, a website is a graphical interface that you use to view the information that has been transmitted from another computer. Websites are made up of long boring sequences of code that would give you a headache before you make it past the first paragraph. There are different coding scripts in use today, but Hypertext markup language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) are the most popular. 

These codes mainly contain instructions telling your computer how the web page should look. Web files include details about the page content, color, graphical icon, videos, and music. Your browser receives this coded information and converts them into the visual representation that you (and everyone else) can see.

It is the same process repeatedly. Every time you type in a web address in your browser, your computer visits the targeted site, downloads the file from the external computer and then displays them to you. To make the explanation a lot easier, web developers tend to call the external computer (where files are stored) “the host.” It sounds impressive, but a host is really just another larger & more powerful computer.

The Business Angle

Given its scope, flexibility, and features, the web offers tremendous social benefits. You can interact with friends, send messages to your family, and keep up with the local buzz. However, from a business perspective, the internet offers opportunities that are even more lucrative. It gives you access to an incredible market. With billions of people logging on every second and millions of business available on the web, the internet increases the exposure of your company allowing you to earn higher profit margins. 

In the past, most businesses relied on traditional marketing techniques such as running TV and paper ads to promote their services. This is still a viable option, but it is becoming less effective for a simple reason. Studies have shown that people now spend less time in front of their TVs. Instead, most people turn to the web to watch their favorite shows and movies. The web also offers faster access to news stories thanks to the growing number of online media outlets available. 

The truth is there really is no reason why your business should not be advertised on the web. There are dozens of benefits to be gained by promoting your services online. Some of these include;

  • Round the Clock Service: With a website, you give your clients 24-hour access to your services. You may not always be there to answer the queries of your customers, but they will have a source of information that they can turn to whenever they need it.
  • Easy Access: Websites do not die. As long as your site is being hosted, your clients will always know where to find you. The information found on your website is always available. It does not get lost like print ad. Your promotional content is always there.
  • Unlimited Scope: Do you want a four-paged website or a website with close to 1000 pages? There is no limit to how large or small your website can be. This allows you to provide as much information as you want. Unlike print ads, where a word count restricts you, you can add lengthy descriptions about your products, upload pictures, add videos, include a comparison page, and lots more.
  • Pleasant Interactivity: Websites are a lot more fun than newspapers for the simple reason that visitors can explore through the content. Your guests can learn more about your products within a few minutes on your website than they will by reading a magazine article. 

This does not mean that other forms of marketing are no longer effective. They still are. However, what is undeniable is the fact that combining conventional methods of advertising with your website will drastically improve your business sales. And that is not a bad thing.

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