We Build Websites for Travelers

What is the secret behind designing the ideal websites for travelers? If you asked the question, the most popular answers would be;

  • Advertising the city's tourist attraction. 
  • Highlighting the best places to visit to experience the city's nightlife. 
  • Giving tips on how to get the best deals.

All of these are important. However, a good travel website should not just focus on the popular details. It should also be able to give insight into the seemingly unimportant details. Considering it is your city, it is easy to forget that—because they have never seen the city before—such insignificant details may be potential gold mines for visitors. You may not be interested in learning the history of your local library, but that does not mean visitors will not be. 

The more information your site can provide, the greater its worth will be.

Make Them Feel At Home

Travel websites are not supposed to feel like encyclopedias. That is another popular misconception. It isn't enough to stuff your websites with cold information about the city. When tourists stop by your websites, they do not just expect that you will be an expert on the city, they also want you to sell the city to them. 

So sell it.

What comes to mind when you think of your city? What memories do you have of your favorite places? Details such as these will endear your readers to your traffic website. Alongside sharing your tips, share the different experiences that you have had at different locations. Warn your readers about potential pitfalls and the best ways of socializing with people. A travel website is not about helping people with their travel details; it is about ensuring that they get the best possible vacation once they arrive. When we build websites for travelers, we use solid online strategies to make sure people visits your site generating more buzz and traffic.

Travel sites and niche marketing

It is called developing your niche. Instead of making your travel website similar to hundreds of others on the web, make yours unique by picking a niche and sticking to it. If you focus on providing unique information that no other website offers, it will quickly become popular. And with popularity will come traffic and success.

Ideal websites for travelers are not always about the destination

We all can't live in cities like Greece, Paris or some equally popular destination. But that is okay because you can still live in the North Pole and make a successful travel website. Instead of focusing your travel website on a particular destination, you can focus on it on a subject related to traveling that you're familiar about. For instance, the theme of your site could be on topics such as: 

  • How to plan a vacation in less than week
  • How to choose the right clothing
  • How to prepare for scuba vacation
  • How to get the best baggage deals
  • How to pack properly for a tropical holiday
  • How to interact with other holiday makers

and lots more.

It's all about information

Everyone who visits your travel site will be looking for information that can help them during their trip. Not just any information—after all, travelers can easily learn about a city's history by visiting Wikipedia. What travelers search for online is personal information that can help them during their trip. Think of what you would add if you were designing a travel site to help a friend. Then add it.

Earning an income from your site

Do not listen to people who suggest that is impossible to earn an income from a travel website. Thousands of people are living comfortable lives with the income generated by their travel websites. And if you're committed to achieving the same goal, there is no reason why you will not succeed.

The key to owning successful websites for travelers is ensuring that it attracts a steady stream of visitors. And in case you haven't been paying attention to the last five paragraphs, a large part of it will boil down to the content. There are thousands of people who own ‘farm travel sites' which attract zero traffic and no revenue. Such people are convinced that the internet simply does not money to be made on the web. But they're wrong. The internet does work. You can own a highly successful travel website if you know what to do and you have to the tools to achieve this.

The Right Travel Website Strategy

Without the right guidance, the odds of your travel website succeeding are quite frankly very slim at best. 

But what would happen if you had all the information you needed to design a truly appealing website?

What would happen if you had the edge over the other 99% of online travel sites that fail?

What would happen if you had the secret to attracting constant traffic to your webpage?

If you're ready and willing, we can show you exactly what and build websites for travelers that converts

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