WordPress Websites

If you have ever considered having a website build, then you may have heard of WordPress. WordPress is a popular, open-source website creation tool that is written in a programming language called PHP. WordPress allows for websites to be built in an efficient manner, while still maintaining functionality and responsiveness. There are multiple reasons why web developers and clients alike choose WordPress as the platform for website creation, such as its ability to manage content, increase design capabilities, and make websites mobile friendly. 

Easy to Use

WordPress makes adding content, images, and editing a much more simplified process.

One of the foremost reasons that WordPress is so popular is because of its capabilities as a content management system or CMS. Website content is typically stored in a database from which the website pulls information. Databases can be very in-depth programs that require a certain level of knowledge to navigate. WordPress makes working with website content much less difficult by taking the information stored in the database and presenting it in a manner that is easier to manage. 

Allows more flexibility

WordPress also offers a variety of prebuilt website designs, or templates, which allow for more flexibility when creating a website.

Not only do these prebuilt templates help developers, but they also provide a way for clients to get an idea of what the layout of the website will be before it is built. And while templates may give one the idea that these website designs are rigid, they are not. Being that WordPress is open source, all the code used to build the templates can be accessed and customized to meet any need. 

use of Plugins

The availability of “plugins” is another advantage of using WordPress to manage a website.

Plugins are essentially pre-constructed pieces of code that can add functionality to a website. For instance, a webpage may require a contact form for submitting user information or a system for making payments, and through the use of plugins, these capabilities are possible. There are hundreds of different plugins available for WordPress covering a multitude of functions.

responsive and mobile friendly

Websites built using WordPress are also usually very responsive and mobile friendly.

A sizable percentage of internet searches are now done using a mobile device or tablet, so creating a website that is both functional and appealing on small screens, is an important part of website development. Many WordPress templates come pre-built with a responsive design.

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